One More Thing: Robo-glove is the latest in astronaut chic

One More Thing: Robo-glove is the latest in astronaut chic
You're nothing to us if you're not wearing robo gloves

Some people (read: no one) think the TechRadar writers all hate each other but today we've come together to bring you One More Thing: The Group Effort Edition. You'd think this would result in more stories than usual, but no - there are actually fewer.

So see if you can spot the difference between the stories today, which range from robotic fashion to the unholy union between Darth Vader and Skeletor, which has nothing to do with tech but it seemed like a lot of effort to stop Marc from including it so we just left him to it.

ROBOGLOVE – Nasa has ditched space and moved on to the accessories market. That's where we assume you'll find the robotic glove that it has created with GM, which will help astronauts reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury while they traipse off to explore the final frontier. The gloves use robotics to reduce the amount of force required to grip stuff and come in a rather lovely shade of primary-school blue. [Ubergizmo]


It'd be better if he was holding a lightsabre.

Super model – If you were a kid growing up in the '80s then you will have always wondered just what it would be like if you combined Darth Vader and Skeletor. Well a model maker has made this childhood dream come true with his new creation – Darth Skeletor! Apparently his Barbie and Ken amalgamation won't ever see the light of day. [The Awesomer]

Bargain basement – Here's a phone for those on a budget - the budget of the UK government, that is. The Android-toting Tag Heuer Racer will set you back £2,300, assuming you're a visually impaired billionaire. Not to be confused with the truly budget ZTE Racer. [CNET]

Siri-way to Heaven - If you have any musical taste whatsoever then cover your ears, as Siri is about to perform one of the worst renditions of the legendary Led Zeppelin track Stairway to Heaven you've ever heard. [Gizmodo]

iPad still 'smashing it' - Figures released by IDC show the Apple iPad is still top dog in the tablet kennel, as it bossed 55% of the global market in the final three months of 2011. The Amazon Kindle Fire was only able to garner 16.8% of the market in second place (actually pretty impressive since it's only on sale in the US) and Samsung saw its tablet market share rise to 5.8%. [CNET]

Pandamonium - Good news for browser fans, Firefox 11 has been released which brings Chrome imports and greater stability to the red-panda-themed window to the web. [Mozilla]

Origami time – We don't often do this but today's Google Doodle is rather lovely, an origami-style tribute to Akira Yoshizawa whose 101st birthday it would be today if he hadn't passed away on his birthday in 2005. He is the man responsible for "raising origami from a craft to a living art". Good work, man. [Google]

Google Doodle

Dance like a cock(roach) – A recent TED conference went a little bit weird when one of the participants decided to teach the nuances of neuroscience through the medium of dance… and a cockroach… and electricity. We can't wait to see this fella's moves on the next Strictly Come Dancing. [All Things Digital]

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