One More Thing: Google Nexus 7 snubs Instagram, loses hipster vote

One More Thing: Google Nexus 7 snubs Instagram, loses hipster vote
We'd heard of instagram before you were even born, yeah Google?

Instafail – The Google Nexus 7 isn't currently compatible with everyone's favourite pretentious faux-vintage photography app Instagram. Asus says that users won't be able to download it from Google Play because the fact it doesn't have a rear-mounted camera will trigger an error. That could change before release though, obviously, so don't mourn those over-filtered, blurred pictures of cats at dusk and inspiring graffiti quotes just yet. [Inquirer]

Bad hair year - Boris Johnson has proven his robust grasp on what the people of London need as well as the limitations of technology by coming up with some app ideas. First: a "social network" called PoluSwerve for avoiding politicians. Then FixMe, for bankers to fix prices without leaving any evidence. And, finally, YouHack to tell you who's listening in to your mobile conversations. "Hilarious". [Huff Po]

Wikibeetz - If you think Bo Jo has provided the most ridiculous story of the day, you're wrong: Wikileaks has released a music compilation. Song titles include The Ballad of Julian Assange (!), Rise Above (WikiBeetz4WikiLeaks) (!!) and Wikileaks Samba (!!!). Play it loud, play it proud (really, please don't). [Wikileaks]

Max Power - Spray-on batteries don't seem like they ought to be real but they are. Research students at Rice University took the components of a regular battery and reduced them down into paint-able particles that you can spray onto pretty much any surface and into teeny tiny little spaces inside, say, a phone or something. We've literally never been so excited about batteries in all our lives. [BBC]

Itsa me - When Mario isn't busy plumbing, hunting down Princess Peach or watching le foot, he's posing for excellent 3D chalk drawings like this one. [Stuff]

Through the looking glass - Ever considered that book publishers are watching what, how and when you read books on an ereader and are using that information for the good of mankind? Wait, no, we mean they're using it to sell you more books. [WSJ]

Perfect time to kernel panic - New MacBook Air owners have been all out of sorts since their kernels began panicking and crashing their laptops for no obvious reason. Google has admitted that it's Chrome that's behind the jittery kernel action and it's working on a fix. Industrial sabotage? Nah, probably not. [Gizmodo UK]

Keeping up with the big kids - Twitter for Windows Phone has had an update – now it has push notifications. How very 2011. [WPCentral]

Tit for tat - British PS3 owners spend more on digital bits and pieces than Xbox 360 owners according to Kantar Worldpanel. But only 17 per cent of PS3 owners even paid for digital content through their console during the last 12 months so it's not really all that much to brag about. [Reg Hardware]

The end is nigh - The US Army has gone all Zeus on us by developing a gun that can shoot lightning bolts. Yes, lightning bolts. Good grief. [BBC]

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