One More Thing: Emergency pizza button is tech's greatest achievement

One More Thing: Emergency pizza button is tech's greatest achievement
Bluetooth: finally useful

Better take a seat. A number of things in today's One More Thing may shock you: Google is publicising Google Play! You're never going to be Indiana Jones! Twitter isn't clairvoyant! And Apple's worth a few bob!

We know. Stay calm. Deep breaths. Calm yourselves with thoughts of the emergency pizza button - if you don't want one of these on your fridge then we can't be friends any more.

That's amore – Science and facts have proven that pizza one of the top five foodstuffs known to mankind, so we should all move to Dubai and get ourselves an emergency pizza fridge magnet. Feeling peckish? Just click the button and it'll send your order through to Red Tomato Pizza via your phone using Bluetooth. This is what technology can do for us, friends. This sets us apart from the animals. [Stuff]

Humbug - Apple's stock reached an all-time high of $613.40 per share today (£385), putting the total company value at around $570 billion (£357 billion). Yeah, yeah, we get it, Apple's got a lot of money and it's worth a lot of money and we'll probably have to, for one, welcome it as our new fruity overlord. Whatever. [TNW]

Play dot com – Google Play is now on the Google homepage taskbar, taking you straight over to the book, music, movie, app and game store and removing the need to, you know, Google it. Nice Doodle today, too. [Google]

Indiana Phones - Speaking of Google Play, it's now stocking Temple Run for Android. We're not saying the free game will turn you into Indiana Jones because he was more of a doer than a player - at least, not that kind of player - but, let's face it, it's the closest you're going to get. [The Verge]

Temple Run

Hackers hacked – Remember when Angelina Jolie was a hacker with a bad fringe going by the name of Acid Burn? Ahh, those were the days. Anyway, some actual hackers have been bamboozled by Microsoft which reckons it has nabbed two command servers in the US which hamper the virus spreading ability of the gangs, estimated to have skimmed over $100 million in the past five years (around £63 million). [Yahoo]

LulzSec reloaded – Thinking of a cool name is often the hardest part of being a hacker so fair play to the new LulzSec for just adopting the existing moniker. New LulzSec (or LulzSec reborn, if you prefer) has already got to work publishing 171,000 users' account information for all to see. Darn those pesky kids. [Neowin]

Harshing the buzz – Twitter buzz isn't a foolproof indicator of how well a movie will do at the box office, a new study has discovered. Yuh-huh, we could have saved everyone a lot of effort and told you that after the great filmic flop that was Scott Pilgrim. [The Register]

Rack off - You know how Apple loves a court case? Good news for it then, as the Aussies are launching a new one against the Cupertino company for advertising the new iPad as "iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G" when it isn't compatible with the country's 4G frequency. Expect the same sort of thing to happen over here before too long. [PhysOrg]

Breaking Rad – Netflix UK has announced that it will be streaming Breaking Bad season 3 from April 1. This is excellent news, despite the fourth series having just aired in the 'States. But Netfilx gives with one hand and takes with the other, as news has reached us that it is no longer planning to revive Terra Nova. Shame. Not to worry, this crystal meth will help us get over it. [PR, Electronista]

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