National Grid to manage your power usage with remote sensors

National Grid to manage your power usage with remote sensors
Power sharing gone mad

The National Grid, the UK's power distributor, is considering fitting white goods like electric ovens, fridges and washing machines with smart sensors that can turn them on and off remotely, to save power.

An increasing demand for power at peak times means that there's a risk of blackouts in heavily populated areas, so the National Grid is considering using 'smart' sensors that will regulate power usage of your white goods.

So that jelly that you've waited so patiently to set, we'll it's going to take a bit longer because your fridge might be out of action for a short time.

I don't think you're ready for this jelly

The National Grid assures us that it won't be that dramatic (waiting for jelly to set is one of the most stressful jelly related activities to do) because power will only be shut off for a few seconds and only occasionally.

The sensors inside will reportedly be smart enough to balance the strain on the electric grid with the temperature inside the appliances to keep the contents of your fridge or freezer intact.

But how comfortable do you feel about the National Grid monitoring and managing your power usage?

Normally, during a blackout, the National Grid would deploy backup generators or ask big manufacturing companies to shut down for a few hours, but under the new proposal - which has been backed by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity - Average Joe will be shouldering most of the burden.

Nick Pickles, director of Big Brother Watch, a civil liberties group and not an unofficial fan page of the now defunct TV show, commented: "This sinister plan smacks of over-the-top intrusion into people's houses. It should be the choice of consumers if they want to sign up to it, not slipped into our homes through fridges and freezers."

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