Microsoft temporarily suspends Windows Phone app uploads

Windows Store
Trouble's brewing at the Windows Phone Store

Run into trouble at Microsoft's Windows Phone Store this week? You weren't alone.

Microsoft announced via a blog posting that users are experiencing problems downloading or updating apps, getting an error message in response to their efforts.

In response, Microsoft has temporarily stopped publishing new apps in Marketplace.

What gives?

The error is apparently due to "an issue with the digital certificates used to sign apps," keeping some phones from installing apps published in the last few days.

After an investigation, Microsoft has determined the issue is only affecting those phones that've been upgraded an earlier version Windows Phone 7.5.

"It does not appear to impact phones sold with Windows Phone 7.5 preinstalled," the blog assured.

Only a small portion of the 100,000-plus apps are reportedly affected in Marketplace, including the New York Times, What's App and Translator from Bing.

Microsoft said it's taking care of the problem and is already planning to roll out a fix. Until then, Microsoft doesn't recommend uninstalling phone apps as they likely won't be downloadable again until the issue is resolved.

Users who receive an error message are encouraged to ignore it and know "we're working as quickly as possible." Most importantly, Microsoft said, don't panic.

"There's nothing wrong with your phone and everything else should work fine."

Via Windows Steam Blog

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