Has anyone seen a blue 02 plate Ford Focus?

You know that thing they say about people never going broke due to underestimating the intelligence of the general public? That was proven to be extremely true this week by Android developer Eddie Kim - who is reported to be raking in $13,000 a month thanks to his Android software. The life-changing creation that's setting the Android community on fire? A car location app.

Yes really. Eddie Kim is living the high-life and pulling in $13k a month thanks to making an Android app which helps people remember where they left their automobile.

Car locator

IT'S THE RED ONE: The one with all the Dairy Milk wrappers crudely hidden under the passenger seat

We understand that a lot of modern cars do look a bit similar and the colours often aren't that unique - but do people really need to spend $3.99 on a mobile phone app to record, via GPS, where they left their Corsa? Is this utter madness, or are we massively underestimating the proportions of American car parks?

"Which iTunes download am I thinking of queuing up?"

There will soon be a mind-control app available for Apple's iPhone. Not the same mysterious mind-control device that Steve Jobs uses to keep his adoring fans loyal and willing, but a separate development created to showcase the equipment of brain-control specialist Neurosky and its existing Mindset "brainwave interface headset".

US local news network KGO-TV reports that the resulting mind-powered demo game called Tug of Mind lets you create an avatar of someone you hate - or like and want to mess around with in a trouble-free virtual environment - then use the power of your mind to think peaceful thoughts which will send the avatar to sleep. They just need to find someone left on the planet with a calm mind to sell it to.

Punishment for texting - loss of left thumb

Now, if you feel a bit guilty about occasionally using your mobile phone to cheat in the flag-recognition round of your local pub quiz, just be glad, once again, you don't live in North Korea - where a factory worker is reported to have been executed for the crime of phoning a friend in South Korea and talking about the price of rice and other mundane chit-chat.


THIS COUNTRY = NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL: Something to think about while slagging off your boss on Twitter during work time, eh? [Image credit: Asia Society]

According to the Press Association, the man, named only as "Chong", was executed by the North in late January, after using an illegally imported Chinese mobile to phone a friend who'd recently defected to the South. Now, we're against iPhone users as much as the next man, but there's no need to go eradicating all of them.

"Retweet this if you are against human rights abuses"

Meanwhile in the safe, walled-garden of Twitter, 75-year-old spiritual leader the Dalai Lama is showing an incredible awareness of URL-shortening services and social media SEO techniques on his new official Twitter account, leading us to believe there's actually a 17-year-old Tibetan intern handling all the typing business on behalf of His Totally Extreme Holiness.

In fact, there seems to have been a bit of a media mix-up about the whole event. While mainstream news sites run headlines along the lines of The Dalai Lama appears on Twitter — and 'tweets for a better world' the truth is it's nothing of the sort. The site alerts followers of his latest webcasts, photo opportunities and TV appearances, via an account that's nothing more than an RSS feed of his activities.


CHINESE DEMOCRACY: "Let's try and get #ChinaSucks trending today"