Taxi fares to flight info: JetBlue offers its ideas for Google Glass

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Google Glass could hypothetically display flight status

It's easy to imagine using Google Glass for hands-free directions, phone calls, video recording and more, but JetBlue took it one step further in a Google+ post this week.

The airline piggybacked the #ifihadglass social media campaign to remind its fans that it's the coolest airline around, publishing several pictures of imaginative ways to use Google Glass in and around an airport.

The #ifihadglass hashtag was spawned by Google to encourage, and Google Glass hopefuls used the hashtag to enter for a chance to win the opportunity to do Google's marketing for it.

If that sounds a little twisted to you, JetBlue's hypothetical Google Glass uses might just make you feel better.

Google Glass parking

An end to futile parking spot searches? Yes, please

And that's why we want Google Glass

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

JetBlue posted on Google+, "#ifihadglass we would continue to help the world view air travel through a whole new lens," and included several mock-ups of Google Glass being used around an airport.

First, Google Glass could display in real-time how much space is left in a parking structure when you're driving up.

It could display your flight status without you having to search frantically for a TV screen in the airport, then point out available power outlets while you're waiting to board.

After the flight, Google Glass could tell you where your baggage will be and when it will arrive.

Google Glass

Know how much you owe before you step in the cab

Finally, JetBlue contends that Google Glass could estimate your cab fare outside the airport.

We have a winner

JetBlue stands a respectable chance of taking the crown in the #ifihadglass campaign with these ideas, though no doubt if it really wanted a prototype Google would probably supply it one regardless - especially with applications like these in mind.

In related news, the airline posted a comment response to a request that it adds these features to smartphone apps before looking to future tech like Google Glass.

"We're always looking at features to add to our Android and iOS apps," JetBlue wrote, "and love the idea of streamlining the experience, not just from gate to gate, but from door to door."

It added that mobile boarding passes for Android are "nearly here."

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