Forget Google Goggles, Google AR glasses are incoming

Forget Google Goggles, Google AR glasses are incoming
AR Glasses from Google - like Goggles but through your eyes

Google is working on a pair of AR-infused glasses which will bring information from the likes of Google Maps straight to a users' eyeline.

According to 9to5Google, the glasses are already in prototype form and one of its tipsters has seen them in action, revealing that they look a little like some other AR-styled glasses on the market, Oakley Thumps.

Goggle eyed

The AR-infused glasses are said to house a heads up display (HUD) over one eye that's non-transparent - so essentially you will be looking into the depths of a tiny camera.

When it comes to navigation, the glasses understand when you move your head and this is how you control the on-board display.

The glasses are also said to have voice input and output and are powered with similar specs to now-gen smartphones.

There's no word when, or indeed if, these über Google Goggles will be released for the mass market but it is thought they will get a similarly low-key release as the Cr-48 Chromebook.

TechRadar managed to get its hands on a concept glasses prototype with a HUD over in Japan last year, so we know this technology is already out there, albeit in an alpha stage.

From our own use with the demo unit, which was created by the boffins at DoCoMo and is called the AR Walker, we were shown how walking down the street would look with Google Maps overlaid over a real street.

Via Cnet and 9to5Google

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