Can't score Comic-Con 2016 tickets? Here's how you can still watch the panels

Comic-Con be now be attended via on-demand video

Tickets to this year's geek gathering that is San Diego Comic-Con may have long sold-out, but the convention's newest initiative will still allow you to attend without ever needing to leave the house.

Comic-Con HQ, currently taking sign-ups for beta access, says it "delivers everything we love about Comic-Con right to your screen" through the magic of on-demand streaming.

Comic-Con HQ's coverage goes beyond July's big convention, offering up a selection of original shows, curated movies, exclusive sneak peeks, and special interviews that will be available year-round.

Few other details have emerged, though Comic-Con HQ's beta is prepping for launch during this year's Free Comic Book Day on May 7 with plans to stream live coverage of Comic-Con proper later in July.

Considering that many of the news stories, brand-new trailers, and interviews that come out of Comic-Con are behind closed doors - often resulting in content leaking out through unofficial channels - Comic-Con HQ may serve as a way to better manage what reveals make their way out of the pop culture convention.

If that means that we can get the next Wolverine movie trailer in full HD as soon as it's revealed rather than watch the same blurry cell phone video version of it weeks before an "official" cut ever airs, then call us true believers.

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Parker Wilhelm
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