Brekkie Bytes: The best news from the weekend

Schmidt X
The new Moto X... official handset of the X-Men?

Things look to be really ramping up for the Moto X. Well, at least if you believe the rumours. While it looks like Eric Schmidt is already carrying the new flagship handset, and even more photos of the phone have hit the web, it's the details that are actually exciting.

Like the news that the custom materials you could build the phone with could consist of everything from wood, metal, fabric and ceramic. You have to admit that the idea is pretty cool.

Geeks have been lamenting the fragmentation of Android for years, but according to the platform's co-founder, it just doesn't matter. I guess that means that Google's not actually planning on fixing the issue then.

Microsoft has seemingly given up on the fickle gaming market and is now pushing a place for its Xbox One in the office. Nope, Microsoft. Just nope.

And while it's not available in Australia, there was still some good news over the weekend for Hulu users, with the video streaming service pulling itself off the market. What's more, the current owners are pumping more cash in, so keep those fingers crossed for international distribution, even if we all know it won't happen...

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