World's most technically advanced guitar revealed

Gibson's Dark Fire guitar launches next month, with the company claiming it is the world's most technically advanced guitar on the market

Gibson launches its limited edition Gibson Dark Fire guitar next month, claiming that it is the world's most technically advanced guitar, featuring second-generation robotic tech.

Gibson plans to launch the Dark Fire guitar worldwide on Monday 15 December 2008, with a handful allocated to the UK, so you had better be quick off the mark if you want one of these from Santa.

"Embracing the spirit of innovation and technical advancement that inspired the original Gibson Robot guitar in 2007, one year on the Gibson Dark Fire guitar is set to change everything," reads the press release just in.

The Dark Fire is described as "a virtual upgrade of the original Robot guitar in every respect" with power head tuners, a tuning brain and "even the unprecedented sonic capabilities of a fully digital guitar and Chameleon Tone Technology".

Master Control Knob

Users can switch between analog or digital, with the guitar's 'Master Control Knob' (or MCK for short) having been improved ergonomically and now featuring a full colour matrix display featuring LEDs offering the ability to adjust tone and tunings "automatically and simultaneously several times during the same song".

The Robot Interface Pack ('RIP') is described as the Dark Fire's "conduit for Chameleon Tone Technology and incredible tonal versatility" and claims to let you create "every sonic landscape imaginable".

Firewire connection for PC

"The RIP's front panel carries a single 1/4-inch stereo input for the Dark Fire, a 1/8-inch headphone out with level control and a pilot light, which changes from dim blue to bright blue when the Dark Fire input is detected," adds the release.

"The rear panel carries two balanced 1/4-inch line outs, a FireWire connector to link to your PC or laptop and a hex connector that carries the outputs of each string and a composite piezo output."

Check the video teaser for the full run-down of what's on offer next month and head over to MusicRadar for a more detailed preview.

Want one? Then get your name on the list at your local Gibson Dark Fire guitar dealer quickly, as these are sure to sell out almost immediately on 15 December.