'We should focus on how powerful Google Glass is,' says Cerf

One of the founding father's of the internet Vint Cerf has talked about his excitement for Google Glass, insisting that the negativity around privacy issues is masking the potential for the technology.

Cerf one of a handful of people who can claim to be a key figure in the creation of the internet, now works for Google as Chief Internet Evangelist.

Inevitably his opinion of his company's high profile Glass project is a positive one, but Cerf insists that we should be excited by what the wearable headset can do for us rather than overly cautious.

Through the looking Glass

"First of all we should say that the recording is not continuous because there's not that much memory in the device, said Cerf.

"Ultimately having something very visible that shows the Google Glass is recording either in audio or video will probably be necessary - that's certainly what the feedback suggests.

"I find the idea of Google Glass very powerful in the following sense: what is happening is that the computer can see what you see and hear what you hear.

This makes the computer or software a partner in real time and in context so I can do things like point to something and say 'what's that' or point to a bottle of wine and say 'what are the tasting notes on that wine'.

"Because the computer is in the same environment it can see what I'm seeing."

Cerf, speaking at the O2 Campus Party to TechRadar says he's personally excited about the Google Glass, adding: "We have a number of Google Glass headsets in the market precisely to see what the issues are and ask 'just what can we do with this thing?'"

Patrick Goss

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