Windows 11 gets another teaser – but it might disappoint

Surface Pro 7
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Microsoft has published another Windows 11 teaser – presumably the final one given that the big reveal is later today – although in this case it may disappoint some folks a bit, seeing as it appears to be suggesting things are happening on the touchscreen front (not everyone’s favorite topic).

The fresh trailer for what’s expected to be Microsoft’s successor to Windows 10 – for which there is a ton of evidence, including a full leaked build – is a compilation of the previous teasers, with a new bit tacked on the end.

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So, we have the previous image of an ear referring to a purported new start-up sound for Windows 11, or indeed perhaps broader changes on the audio front, and the eye which refers to the new look for the OS, which is getting a total revamp. (And one of the wallpapers in the leaked build of Windows 11 is actually shown reflected in the eye, another weighty piece of evidence that the leak is an authentic one – albeit an early version of course).

The new section at the end simply shows a finger reaching out and touching the glass, giving a fairly clear indication that the revamped operating system will contain some goodies on the touch front.

Touch risky?

This isn’t really surprising when you consider some of the leakage we’ve seen around Windows 11, which includes a smartphone-inspired ‘Wake on Touch’ feature for touchscreen-toting laptops (that could potentially be tied in to the Surface Pro 8), and evidence of work on fresh touch-based gestures (with three or four fingers) for the OS.

However, what is perhaps surprising – or even arguably risky – is Microsoft’s choice to highlight this, given that obviously not everyone is interested in touchscreen developments – only those with touch-equipped portables. And perhaps more to the point, it could put folks in mind of the touch-friendly shift Microsoft attempted when it introduced Windows 8… maybe not a memory the software giant wants to evoke at this point.

We’ll soon know exactly what Microsoft is going to be showing off, as the ‘next generation of Windows’ (or Windows 11, ahem) is going to be unveiled in its full glory later today at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm BST. There are several ways you can watch the launch event live, and of course we’ll have our own coverage – complete with the usual incisive commentary on the proceedings – as a live blog.

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