Microsoft risks annoying Windows 10 users by bugging people with Firefox to switch to Edge

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Windows 10 has always pushed adverts at users on the desktop, and seemingly in less subtle ways in recent times, but this practice has just reached new heights – or should that be depths – with Microsoft suggesting that Firefox users should adopt its own revamped Edge browser instead.

As highlighted in a post on Reddit, it would appear that those with Mozilla Firefox installed are receiving a ‘suggestion’ in the Start menu which states: “Still using Firefox? Microsoft Edge is here”, providing a link through to install Microsoft’s new Chromium-based version of its browser.

As Bleeping Computer reports, another user on that thread said that they were searching for Internet Explorer, and received a more prominent message promoting the new Edge, with a big ‘download now’ button.

It’s a more palatable move for Microsoft to attempt to persuade those about to install Internet Explorer that Edge would be a better option, as these are both the company’s browsers anyway.

Attempting to get Firefox fans to defect to Edge via Start menu suggestions is another thing entirely, though, and will inevitably annoy quite a few folks.

Firefox flak

Although it’s interesting to see that Microsoft is aiming at Firefox, rather than what would seem to be the most obvious target: the dominant browser Chrome (where the software giant is more likely to find disgruntled users, perhaps – like those on lesser-spec PCs who are tired of Chrome’s long-running memory-hogging antics).

Generally speaking, Microsoft’s revamped Edge has received a pretty positive reception – but having it pushed at them isn’t likely to endear the browser to any given user, in most cases.

It is possible to turn off these suggestions, and you can do so simply by right-clicking on one of them, and selecting the option to never show them again. Alternatively, if one isn’t showing its face, you can head to Settings > Personalization > Start, where you will find an option to ‘Show suggestions occasionally in Start’ – simply set this slider to off.

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