Your heartbeat picks your next Tinder date in this Apple Watch app

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Tinder on Apple Watch is a near-perfect match, but "Hands-Free Tinder" makes things even more personal by letting you speak with your heart instead of your finger. Developers from an Austin, Texas-based creative agency have retooled the original app with a little help from the new Apple Watch SDK that gives third-party developers access to the heart rate monitor, Taptic Engine and Digital Crown, among other improvements.

It takes the standard Tinder experience on your wrist and puts your heartbeat in control of the swiping. First, the app gets a sense of your heart's normal pace from the start and then begins showing you potential matches. If the app detects that a match has you so excited that your thumper starts beating faster, you'll be set up for a match. On the other hand, if your heart rate declines or remains unchanged, Hands-Free Tinder will show you another candidate. Simple enough.

In the past, Tinder users only needed to rely on their gut feeling. But with Hands-Free Tinder on Apple Watch, you just need to follow your heart...rate, that is. Hey, don't say you got the tip from us, but you could even use the ol' "my heart led me to you" pick-up line here.

T3, the app's creator, claims that the app will be available for download on the App Store and the Google Play Store, but at the time of writing, Hands-Free Tinder isn't available. We'll check back and update this article when it goes live.

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