Tag Heuer will let you swap its Connected smartwatch for a mechanical one

Tag Heuer Connected

Established Swiss watchmakers Tag Heuer has finally unveiled its first foray into the smartwatch segment at an event in New York. Meet the Tag Heuer Connected.

The watch is made to Tag Heuer's high standards, manufactured from Grade II Titanium and 'engineered' in Switzerland.

The watch comes running Android Wear, so it boasts all of the features we've come to expect of that operating system. That includes notifications from your smartphone in the shape of Google Now cards, an established app ecosystem, and iPhone compatibility.

Tag Heuer will stand out from the crowd with a selection of bespoke digital watch faces designed especially for the watch. At launch, there will be three available, but the company promise more will hit the Play Store at a later date.

The device will run Intel's newest chip for wearables, the Z34XX Atom processor. Connected is the first to feature this new chip, and the Fossil Q will make use of it next month.

The display is 46mm diameter, covered in sapphire crystal, with five-minute markers around the bezel. The rubber strap comes in six colours, black as standard, and the others sold separately. It's packing a 410mAh battery, which the company claims is good for around 25 hours usage.


Worried your expensive smartwatch will be out of date in two years time? Don't be: at the end of the watch's two year warranty period, Tag Heuer will let you trade in your watch for a more traditional, mechanical watch.

That'll cost you an extra $1,500 (£1,100, around AU$2,100) if you decide to trade, but it's a great promise for consumers still on the fence when considering a smartwatch.

Tag Heuer Connected will coast £1,100 (US$1,500, around AU$2,100), and is available today in stores across the US, UK, Japan, and on tagheurconnected.com