Android Wear strikes back at Apple Watch with rumoured Wi-Fi support

Android Wear

Just a few hours ago Cupertino revealed a bunch more details about its upcoming Apple Watch, including release date, prices, and a number of the apps we'll be able to play with.

Apple's watch has been looming over the wearables industry before it was even announced, but while Android Wear had a pretty lengthy head start it still lacks some of the things Cupertino is promising. One of those is Wi-Fi support.

However, according to a source in the know speaking to The Verge, that's about to change. Wi-Fi support is said to be coming in the next update, meaning you'll be able to stay online in many situations where a Bluetooth connection isn't available.

Many of the Android Wear watches already have Wi-Fi built in and ready to go, so they're just waiting for Google to hit the 'on' button.

Other features said to be coming in the update include gesture control - flick your wrist to scroll through notifications and Google Now cards - and a tweaked UI that gives you faster access to apps and contacts.

Now that the Apple Watch is set to drop into the market, we'll hopefully see Google start being a bit more proactive in improving Android Wear, which has seen a rather slow evolution until now.

Hugh Langley

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