Here's what Alexa's new visual on-screen cards will look like

Thanks to an Amazon developers kit, we now have an indication of how Alexa might look on its new smart speaker/screen the Echo Show.

The developer kit has been released so that developers can start programming Display Cards for third-party Alexa enabled devices, allowing Alexa to respond visually as well as vocally.

The kit has strict guidelines for the design of the Display Cards, meaning you get a uniform Alexa experience across all devices. This means that the Echo Show, when it launches next week in the US could potentially look like this:

Obviously there is the image reference for both tablet and TV in these pictures, so if you use an Amazon Fire Stick, you could soon see these pretty side bars pop up on your favorite shows (although why anyone would check their to-do list while watching Game Of Thrones is beyond us).

A representative from Amazon has said that "there will be a different visual experience on Echo Show," which the company "will be sharing more about soon."  So it won't look exactly like this, but it's exciting to see a glimpse of a visual Alexa in action. 

The Echo Show will be available from June 28th in the US and will retail at $230.

At present there is no official release date or price for other regions.

Via Engadget

Andrew London

Andrew London is a writer at Velocity Partners. Prior to Velocity Partners, he was a staff writer at Future plc.