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Walmart's latest iPad deals offer cellular or more storage for Black Friday prices

cheap ipad deals
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If you're on the hunt for a new iPad during Black Friday month – or what we should just start calling Black November – then the early Walmart Black Friday sale is here to deliver.

Apple and Walmart are selling 2018, or 6th-generation, 9.7-inch iPad models with either cellular connectivity or lots of storage for the same price as the best iPad deals of last Black Friday 2018.


Apple iPad (128GB + Wi-Fi) is $429 $299 at Walmart
If you want an iPad with lots of storage, but don't want to pay through the nose for that extra space, this deal has your name written all over it. Save $130 for a whopping 128GB of space.


Apple iPad (32GB + Cellular) is $459 $299 at Walmart
If you seek constant connectivity – and are willing to pay extra on your phone data plan for that – then this deal should speak to you. Get the base level of storage and a SIM slot for $160 off.

As you can see, either of these deals are getting you more than the standard Black Friday-priced iPad deal. While you can find the latest iPad with the larger 10.2-inch display for this price, it only has 32GB of storage and Wi-Fi capability.

If you're willing to go with a smaller display and more storage or more versatile connectivity, then this is obviously the way to go for a solid iPad deal.

Joe Osborne

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