Foxtel wants $150 for you to install your own iQ3

Foxtel iQ3 price
A year of Netflix or a Foxtel iQ3 box?

After years of waiting, pay TV operator Foxtel has finally launched its most advanced PVR to date, the Foxtel iQ3.

While we knew the box was set to launch today, the pricing for the set top box has been a closely guarded secret. Until now.

Both new and existing Foxtel customers wanting to get their hands on the next generation PVR will have to fork out $150 for the box itself.

Then, they will have to pay an additional $25 for a self-install kit, or $75 to have a Foxtel technician come out and plug in the cables for them.

A Foxtel iQ3, or a year's worth of Netflix?

It's interesting that the Pay TV giant Foxtel's iQ3 pricing was announced on the same day as Netflix, as it creates an immediate point of comparison.

You could subscribe to the most expensive pricing tier for Netflix – the $14.99 a month 4K option – for a full year for less than the price of having a Foxtel technician come and install the iQ3 box.

Given that the Foxtel pricing doesn't even include any content either – which starts at $25 a month with a minimum 12 month commitment – it's not hard to see that we're set for a pretty fundamental shift in entertainment viewing habits.

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