This is the weirdest wireless speaker we've ever seen

wireless speaker
(Image credit: Transparent)

Speaker manufacturers seem to be making a concentrated effort to make their wares look more obscure and different from the competition, and Transparent's Acoustic Sculpture is no exception.

This Sculpture is the latest addition to an ever-growing list of bizarre wireless speaker designs and we hope this trend never dies out.

Frankly, the Acoustic Sculpture looks just like that, a sculpture of a large chunk of an ear-shaped rock, which happens to have a speaker built into it. It's bizarre enough to be eye-catching, yet minimal enough to not immediately be recognized as an obvious speaker.

It's extremely different to what Transparent, the Stockholm-based electronics brand, has released before and it could grace your home for the eye-watering price of $3,530 / £2,700 (about AU$6,430).

The Acoustic Sculpture, which does kind of resemble an obscure piece of art, has been made using 3D sculpting software based on a hand-formed clay model and promises to "deliver the brand’s signature sound – a clear, crisp sound that reflects the true intentions of the artist."

wireless speaker

(Image credit: Transparent)

Modular design

According to Transparent, the Acoustic Sculpture has been designed "for enjoying a rich and balanced sound experience."

Despite its, um, mineral design, the speaker has all the trappings you'd expect from a modern smart device. 

There's built-in Bluetooth, 'true wireless' dual speaker streaming, and it can be upgraded to have a voice control module.

Speaking of upgrading it, the speaker is modular which means, just like a trusty Ikea product, you can add and remove different components as you wish.

Transparent explained in a press release that the speaker could actually become better over time, since the Sculpture's "systems can be added as wireless technology develops, meaning its products get better with age".