The OnePlus Buds wireless earbuds will soon be joined by a Pro edition

OnePlus Buds
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We've already seen the affordable OnePlus Buds and the even cheaper OnePlus Buds Z, but another version of the wireless earbuds are on the way, it's been confirmed: the OnePlus Buds Pro Edition are in the pipeline, and OnePlus is looking for testers.

In fact, as the updated OnePlus Lab portal page shows, you can get involved by signing up to test both the OnePlus Buds Pro and the OnePlus Nord 2 ahead of time. You've got until July 17 to get your application in.

OnePlus says you get to keep the hardware you're given, as long as you provide the agreed feedback and review to OnePlus in return – but with only 10 phones and 10 pairs of wireless earbuds available, there's going to be a lot of competition.

"Your entry will be reviewed based on your photography and writing skills," says OnePlus. "Other criteria include your tech gadget experience, review history, blogging, and related user-generated content highlighting your writing proficiency. This allows us to determine whether you qualify as a Lab reviewer."

A new device appears

We've already heard quite a bit about the OnePlus Nord 2, which is getting its official unveiling on July 22, and will be launching in Europe and India. This is the first time we've heard any mention of the OnePlus Buds Pro wireless earbuds, however.

And... that's just about all we get from the Labs page: the name. Obviously with that 'Pro' moniker we're thinking that these are going to be a more premium version of the earbuds that OnePlus has already pushed out into the world, but we haven't heard any other rumors or speculation about what the OnePlus Buds Pro might offer.

With the Lab applications for both the Nord 2 and the Buds Pro ending on the same day, there is a chance that both devices could launch alongside each other later this month – although given that this is the first we're hearing about the earbuds, it seems unlikely.

We're thinking that active noise cancellation could be one of the features that sets the OnePlus Buds Pro apart from the OnePlus Buds – as is the case with the AirPods Pro and the standard AirPods from Apple. As soon as we hear more, we'll let you know.

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