The next Call of Duty mobile game is being made by the Candy Crush creators

King, the developer behind the mobile hit Candy Crush, has announced that it’s working on a Call of Duty title for mobile.

The announcement was made on the firm’s official site alongside a call for developers to apply to join the new team that’s been assembled to work on the project. 

Though Call of Duty doesn’t exactly seem like a natural move for the creators of colorful titles like Candy Crush and Bubble Witch, the company was acquired by Activision back in 2015 so it hasn’t come completely out of nowhere.

King of COD

The aim of the team, according to King, is to “transform the best console experience fans know and love, while also breaking new ground for mobile and redefining the genre.“ 

To achieve this, King says it will prototype the game “extensively” and give its developers “the freedom to think outside the box” and “stretch their expertise [...] to create surprising results.”

Considering King is still putting its development team together it’s unsurprising that details on the game are scant. 

This won’t, however, be the first time Activision will have released a mobile game based on the Call of Duty franchise. Previous releases include a straight mobile port of Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombies, a first-person shooter titled Call of Duty: Strike Team and a real-time strategy game called Call of Duty: Heroes.

All of these titles have been rated fairly favorably so realistically King could go down any of these gameplay routes when developing the new title, or it could take the franchise in an entirely new direction with a puzzle-style game in the vein of Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go. 

Emma Boyle

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