The iPhone 8 may have a glass sandwich design

It’s looking ever more likely that the iPhone 8 will have a whole new look, as there’s been talk for a while of a curved glass back with a metal frame, and now there’s more evidence of that.

DigiTimes, citing sources from the upstream supply chain, said that the next iPhone is expected to “adopt a new design using two reinforced glass panes and a metal frame in the middle”, adding that in place of the aluminum build of the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 will use stainless steel for the frame, made using a forging process that enhances its sturdiness.

This process is also apparently 30-50% cheaper than the process used to create the iPhone 7’s unibody, though whether those savings will be spent on additional improvements, passed on to consumers, or pocketed by Apple remains to be seen.

Glass is likely, but don't count metal out

It’s worth noting that DigiTimes has a mixed track record for leaks, so this may not be true but it’s also not the first time we’ve heard of a glass sandwich design on the iPhone 8.

Fans of current iPhone designs might be in luck as other sources suggest that while one model of the iPhone 8 will go glass, others won’t.

We likely won’t know for sure until the phone’s launch, in or around September, but in the meantime we’re hearing plenty of other leaks and rumors, including the possibility that the iPhone 8 won’t have any bezels, and that the display will be one of the best around.

James Rogerson

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