Tesco Mobile takes on cancer with new pink mobile phone deal charity donations

tesco mobile phone deals

It may just put the Avengers in the shade - Tesco Mobile has announced a new superhero team-up as it joins forces with Cancer Research UK to battle the illness head-on.

Pink and (rose gold) mobile phone deals sold on a Tesco Mobile pay monthly contract will now earn a £5 donation to Cancer Research UK. The only catch? This runs from May 30 to June 26, so be quick if you want to feel that little bit better about your new phone purchase.

The pink handsets on offer include the Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple's iPhone SE and Huawei P20. Or you can see the full selection by heading here, opening the filter options and choosing pink as your colour.

The iPhone SE in pink, better known as rose gold, is available here on a £17.25 per month contract which offers 2GB of double data, 5000 minutes and 5000 texts. From that amount £5 will be donated to Cancer Research UK.

The team-up is a part of Cancer Research UK's Race for Life which aids research in over 200 types of cancer. Tesco Mobile has been working with the charity on Race for Life since 2002 to raise over £40 million in total.

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