Sky Sports News HQ comes to Now TV

Sky Sports News HQ
Sky's Sports News HQ is becoming more readily available

With the Premier League transfer deadline just days away this is arguably one of the most important times for football fans to keep up with sports news, and for anyone with a NOW TV Box it's getting a little easier to do just that.

There's now a dedicated Sky Sports News HQ app available for the device and you don't even need to have a Sports Pass to use it, though you do need a Sky pass of some kind, be it movies, sports or entertainment.

If you have a Sky Sports Day Pass or Sky Sports Week Pass then you'll also be able to keep watching Sky Sports News HQ for 30 days after it's expired.

Cheap entertainment

If you don't already have a Now TV Box you can get one for just £9.99 and we were rather fond of it in our review, though while it includes key Sky services along with the likes of 4oD and iPlayer, it inevitably lacks Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video in an attempt to push Sky's own movie streaming service on you.

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