Samsung to launch Google TV television

Samsung to launch Google TV television
Google TV - soon to be on actual TVs

Samsung is currently in the process of signing a deal with Google that will see it producing a Google TV flavoured television.

The president of Samsung's digital media business, Yoon Book-keun, told reporters that talks between Samsung and Google are at the final stages.

Sadly, the Korean technology giant hasn't decided whether or not it will showcase its Googley new idiot box at CES 2012, but we can always hope.

Especially as reports that the Google TV interface will actually make its debut in Samsung's reported 55-inch OLED television, which is strongly rumoured to be arriving at CES 2012.

Google box

Google TV has seen a sudden flurry of television rumours in what has been until now a set-top box dominated world.

Last week it emerged that LG may launch a Google TV set at the Las Vegas electronics show, although the source for that story was a shadowy anonymous type, and not the president of LG's digital media business.

Google TV hasn't enjoyed quite the same success as the company's other software ventures like Android, with Logitech branding its Google TV box a "big mistake" and sales failing to make waves in the industry.

But with smart TVs landing in more and more living rooms, 2012 could see the television service enjoying slightly more success – and Samsung's smart TVs are some of the best around, so it seems a good horse for Google to back.

From Yonhap via The Next Web

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