Film4 HD reaches for the Sky and Sky Go gets 4OD boost

Film4 HD reaches for the Sky and Sky Go gets 4OD boost
Sky Go: going places

Sky has nabbed a new deal with Channel 4 that will see Film4 HD and More4 HD hit its television line-up, while the 4OD catch up service will land on Sky Go.

Until this new deal was struck, Film4 HD was one of the few HD channels that wasn't on Sky's platform but was available to Virgin Media customers.

4OD, meanwhile, will be a healthy addition to Sky's TV on-demand service and mobile access app Sky Go when it lands early next year.

At that point, Sky Go will offer Channel 4, E4, More4 and Film4 catch-up programming, which can be accessed from an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, some Android phones and tablets, Xbox 360, PC and Mac.

Turkish delight

As usual, all relevant spokespeople were delighted with the turn of events.

Rob Webster, director of Sky's commercial group, said, "We already offer the best of pay TV on-demand and on-the-go, and now, with the addition of Channel 4, we're adding the complete line-up of terrestrial shows too. No other service will offer greater choice or convenience."

While Sarah Rose, Channel 4's director of commercial and business development, added, "With the launch of More4 HD and the addition of Film4 HD, we're thrilled to be able to complete the roll out of our HD portfolio."

So that's nice. Keep an eye out for the 4OD addition to Sky Go in the early days of 2013, and we're waiting for confirmation of when Film4 HD and More4 HD will land on your tellybox.

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