Apple iTV rumours start glowing again as latest hire promises 'something big'

Apple iTV rumours light up again as latest
How do we get on Teletext?

The web is once again buzzing about Apple's TV plans, after a new hire might have added a new piece to the puzzle.

Jean-François Mulé is one of the latest to join Cupertino as Engineering Director, having formerly worked as a cable TV executive at CableLabs in the US.

Do the sums and it certainly doesn't sound like Mulé will be working in the iPhone division. But there's plenty more fuel to throw on the raging speculation fire, with Mulé writing on his Linkedin that he's "part of something big" at Apple.

More than donkey work

While we'd like to think that this could have something to do with that rumoured TV set Apple is believed to be working on, this could all amount to a whole lot of not much. This "something big" may be about the company itself and nothing to do with any specific projects. Because, y'know, Apple is a big deal and all that.

Mule's history with cable TV is interesting in itself though, and the least exciting scenario here would be Mulé is helping Apple to work on its strategy for its existing TV box.

We also heard earlier this year that Apple was pitching technology for a service that would offer live and on-demand programming on an Apple set-top box for a price, with the ability for viewers to skip adverts. Could this be part of Mulé's Apple mission?

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