Toshiba Cell TV still up for 2009 release

Cell TV has been demoed for over a year now, but its release date is looking close
Cell TV has been demoed for over a year now, but its release date is looking close

Toshiba is still on track for releasing its most technologically advanced TV yet, according to reports.

The manufacturer released a new range of TVs in Japan this week, and revealed that it is still pushing for a late 2009 release of 'The Cell'.

The company is hoping that the telly based around the Cell processor – which is found in PS3s and has been co-developed by Toshiba with Sony and IBM – will be on every AV nuts' Christmas list.

Multiple feeds

The Cell TV is a combination of a standalone box and television, which allows multiple feeds on one screen – up to eight HD feeds at once – or can transmit these feeds to various sets around your house.

The Cell chip will also be able to upscale standard-def footage on the hoof, record TV shows and manage them in multiple ways, such as grouping together movies using face recognition on actors' mugs and so on.

Toshiba is keeping tight-lipped about the TV's final specs, but with the demos TechRadar has seen at both CES and a recent Toshiba product launch just outside London, it's fair to say that the tech behind the telly is impressive.

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