Fan TV's $99 streaming cable box comes to Time Warner Cable

Fanhattan Fan TV
Just plug and play, no cable guy needed

Originally announced back in May 2013, the Fan TV box was introduced as a small streaming puck that could access cable and online video content without ever needing a visit from the cable guy. It was a novel concept that sounded great on paper, but it never reached an agreement with any cable or satellite companies.

That is until now.

For years the set top box has been a way to get rid of your cable box. Now Franhattan and Time Warner Cable wants to sell you a device that seamlessly catches both your cable content and streaming video together starting for $99 at

The device will start shipping soon in the coming months, after which it will come for a regular price of $149.

Although technically not a full cable box replacement, the Fan TV box is compatible with all content found on Time Warner Cable's mobile app. What's more it can stream video from services including Redbox Instant, Crackle, and Rhapsody with Target Ticket coming shortly after launch.

The rocky road ahead

The Fan TV box isn't the total package. Not yet anyway. It's still missing support from big web media names such as Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Pandora, HBO Go, and Rdio.

What's more, Fanhattan's box also does not come with any DVR support built-in. So you'll still need that cable box kicking around to record and playback shows. However, the Fan TV does come with 4GB flash memory letting users pause live TV using the internal buffer.

There are also other set top boxes and devices to consider, which can access Time Warner's mobile content just as well. These include the Roku 3, the Xbox 360, Samsung's Smart TVs, as well as several Android and iOS devices from tablets to smartphones.

Made for couch dwellers

The real selling point of the Fan TV will be the single package users can connect to their TV for multiple packages. Additionally the Fanhattan's device has a sleek and responsive interface that's controlled by a button-less, gesture sensing remote.

However, the lack of app support from several big media streamers will be a big turn off for early adopters. There's also the Comcast and Time Warner merger to consider, which puts the continued support of the Fan TV box in question.

It will be interesting to see what sort of dent Fan TV box puts in the oversaturated world of streaming content and devices. Until then stay tuned for news on support coming to Fanhattan's device and our hands-on with it.

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