Sony adds Twitter ticker, YouTube HD to Bravia TV line-up

Sony adds Twitter ticker, YouTube HD to Bravia TV line-up
Smart Tv gets smarter

Sony has announced that a new firmware update has landed for its Bravia smart TV range, which brings YouTube HD and a Twitter ticker to connected Sony TV sets.

Sony issued a blog about the new features and explained that it has optimised the likes of YouTube and Twitter for the big screen experience.

"Watching the latest Internet sensation on a smartphone or laptop simply doesn't come close to the big screen experience," explained Sony.

"Now with our latest firmware update you can enjoy High Definition videos from YouTube in crisp, clear quality on your Bravia TV.

"What's more, YouTube videos are further optimised by the advanced image-enhancing technologies already built in to your BRAVIA TV. From sports clips to music videos, YouTube has never looked better."

Laptop browsing

Sony has also made it so that you can now watch videos on Facebook direct from your television and there is now a real-time Twitter feed which can roll across the bottom of the TV screen if you so wish.

It has also made it easier for those with non-Sony laptops to browse the web and project this to your television.

"You can already use your smartphone or Vaio keyboard to control your TV and surf the web – and now you can use other laptops too.

"From typing a web address to searching for information about the latest movies, it makes entering text on-screen even easier than using your TV remote."

Sony is making the new firmware available to Bravia TVs from its 2011 line-up only.

Marc Chacksfield

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