Samsung's Tizen TVs could be here sooner than you think

From the kitchen to your living room
Tizen moving from smart fridges to Smart TVs 'very soon'

Samsung has shown off an early version of its Tizen-based Smart TV interface and promised sets packing the OS will arrive 'very soon.'

At the third annual Tizen Worldwide Developers' Conference the firm wheeled-out a 65-inch television set, offering what Jong-Deok Choi, Samsung's executive vice president, called a "sneak peak at something big."

Samsung then demonstrated what was dubbed a flat, content-focused interface and a web-based remote control that would work on any smartphone and act as a wand for moving the on-screen cursor.

Choi then added in no uncertain terms: "Read my lips, they will be on the market very soon."

Smarter than smart

Just this past weekend Samsung announced it would be releasing an SDK in July to allow developers to build apps for Tizen-based televisions.

It promised the sets will have access to Smart Interactions like voice and gesture controls.

Samsung revealed the televisions will have multi-screen functionality and also play nicely with other Tizen gadgets like the Gear range of smartwatches and the newly-announced Samsung Z smartphone.

Initially, it seemed likely that Samsung would wait until next year's CES, where it usually does most of its TV business, before revealing Tizen goggleboxes, but Choi's vow may offer a hint they'll be arriving as soon as the IFA conference in September.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news.

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