Samsung 55-inch OLED TV heading to the UK

Samsung 55-inch OLED TV heading to the UK
Spring launch set for Super OLED display

Samsung will bring its impressive 55-inch Super OLED TV to the UK this spring, the company has revealed.

Update: Cool your jets, people. Samsung has backtracked on the spring release date, now saying that we won't be getting our mitts on the delicious TV until the second half of the year after all.

The Korean tech giant confirmed to CNET UK that the set which caught the eye of the tech world at the recent CES expo last month, will soon be making an appearance in Blighty.

The super high-end display, fashioned from a single sheet of glass, will come loaded with Samsung's Active 3D tech and the Smart TV connected apps ecosystem.

There's also a HD webcam, which will pack motion-sensing and facial recognition tech.

Head to head with LG

A spring launch for the Samsung OLED solution would likely beat LG's similar offering to the market.

Reports last month suggested that LG's own 55-inch OLED TV, also announced at CES, would launch in the UK in the second half of 2012.

There's still no word on an exact release dates, or how much they'll cost when they do arrive, but neither the Samsung or LG sets are likely to be affordable for the majority of us.


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