Roku, not Amazon or Google, will have the cheapest streaming option for Black Friday

Roku SE

Roku has a new special edition streaming player that could end up being the cheapest streaming option come Black Friday.

The new Roku SE player comes with a $50 price tag that will drop down to a very cool $25 during Black Friday weekend.

It'll sit cheaper than Google's Chomecast during Black Friday, which usually drops down to $30 during the big sales weekend, and is cheaper than the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which comes with a $39 price tag.

Roku says the discounted Roku SE will be available in limited supply online and in stores during Black Friday, but if you're after one of Roku's other player and stick options, the company says those will be going on sale too during the Black Friday weekend.

What the Roku SE will sport

The budget-friendly Roku SE is set to be powered by the company's latest OS, but will offer only 1080p streaming resolution. That means you'll miss out on 4K streaming content, if that is a factor for your streaming options.

As a cheaper option that sports similar features to the older Roku 1, expect to find downgraded hardware than other newer Roku models, as well as missing out on an ethernet port, voice search and the remote finder function.

But you do get Roku's nearly 3,000 streaming channels, which Roku says offers 300,000 movies and TV episodes, as well as the ability to cast content from your mobile device to the TV using the Roku Mobile App, which also gives you search, remote control and other features found in the app.

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