Now TV boxes hit high street stores with Sports and Movies passes galore

Now TV boxes hit high street stores with Sports and Movies passes galore
Now TV box: cheap and cheerful

Sky's dinky internet-connected on demand box is a mere £10 when you buy it directly from Sky, but you can now pop out and pick a Now TV box up from a number of shops around the UK.

From today, you can get the baby set top box that brings a cut-down version of Sky to your TV without needing a satellite dish from Argos and Currys/PC World shops, with John Lewis following suit in the near future.

That's not all: you can grab a bundle that includes either Sky Sports or Sky Movies alongside the box itself.

Money talks

For £14.99, you'll get the box plus one day's access to all six Sky Sports channels (usually £10).

Or, shell out £24.99 and you can grab three months of Sky Movies along with your Now TV box. One month's access to Sky Movies on Now TV is usually £8.99, so the bundle saves you about £13.

To get the box on its own, you'll need to head to the Now TV website and hand over £9.99 of your hard-earned.

It might not sound like much but Now TV packs a punch: the box imbues any TV with internet access, including iPlayer, Demand 5, BBC News and Spotify apps. Channel 4's 4OD should be making its way to the service by the end of the year as well.

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