LG Super UHD TVs are coming to CES, including an 8K model


LG is playing television superhero at CES 2016, announcing it will showcase a premium line of 4K Ultra HD TVs that it's dubbing "Super UHD."

The TVs are LG's most advanced LCD/LED screens in terms of picture quality to date, the company claimed, and come high dynamic range (HDR) content compatible.

The line includes the top-tier UH9500, UH8500 and UH7700 (ranging from 49- to 86-inches in size), which feature IPS displays infused with tech to minimize reflections, enhance contrast ratio and offer more depth and contrast within the picture.

LG's Super UHD TVs are designated HDR Plus, meaning they can show 4K HDR content in a more realistic manner than a standard HDR screen. The TVs also have an SDR-to-HDR conversion engine, so content coming from a standard source can be viewed in near-HDR quality.

The UF9500 and UF8500 will feature Color Prime Plus, essentially an expanded palette of colors users can view. Billion Rich Colors, a feature with a name that matches "Super UHD" in grandeur, helps Super UHD models render over one billion possible color variations, LG said.

Sporting a 6.6mm screen depth, the ultra-thin UH9500 also features barely there bezels. Sound is also a big draw for the screen: harman/kardon was called in to help create the TV's speaker system. Paired with LG's Magic Sound Tuning function, which adjusts the TV's sound according to the conditions of the room.

Tantalizingly, LG will also unwrap its first production-ready 98-inch 8K Super UHD TV at the show. How much it will cost - and whether it ever makes it to market - are big questions, but it should be a sight to behold.

Four Super UHD series will ship to the US, with select models arriving in the spring. webOS 3.0 will come with all 2016 UHD models.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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