Samsung's new trio of curved Ultra HD TVs will launch in Q2 2014

Samsung U9000 series curved Ultra HD 4K TVs
Samsung's U9000 series comes in three sizes: 55, 65 and 78 inches

Samsung held a special event in Las Vegas on January 5, just before the start of CES 2014 to unveil five new TVs, including a 105-inch curved set and a "bendable" TV.

The others, 55-inch, 65-inch and 78-inch curved 4K TVs known as the U9000 series, will launch in the second half of 2014 - specifically in the second quarter, Samsung Vice President of Home Entertainment and Marketing Dave Das told TechRadar.

"Those will be launched in the first half time frame," he said, clarifying, "Actually, in Q2. No pricing to be announced, and technically we're not talking about specific timing."

In addition, Samsung unveiled - literally, representatives pulled sheets off of them - an extremely impressive 105-inch UHD TV, and a flexible, bending display that changed shape before our eyes.


Samsung clearly has a burning desire to be at the forefront of TV tech, and that apparently means making the world's first "bendable" television.

At the event, Samsung's new bendable TV went from flat to curved and back again in seconds - all automatically. See it change in the video above, and watch to the end to see it transition back.

But the most impressive reveal of the night may have been the 105-inch 4K unit, even though Samsung telegraphed it back in December.

The TV is simply gorgeous, and the significant curve and extra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio lend it an exotic, if potentially impractical, air.

It and the bendable TV could go into production and be launched toward consumers as soon as this year, though that's not for certain, Das said.

Samsung U9000 UHD 4K curved TVs

Forever flat

Meanwhile Das promised that despite its focus on curved displays, Samsung is not abandoning more traditional flat TVs.

Samsung U9000 UHD 4K curved TVs

In fact, Samsung also has "a new series" of flat Ultra HD TVs, like the ones it showed off last year, "which have new picture quality improvements and a new smart platform compared to last year's UHDs," Das said.

There are new LED TVs coming as well, he promised.

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