New Philips frameless TVs take sexy to a new level

Philips 6900 frameless TV
A sight for sore eyes - the new Philips 6900 TVs look delicious

Philips sure knows how to build things. Whether it be chip fryers, headphones or telly-telly bunkum boxes, its stuff is always graceful and well put together.

The Dutch all-rounders went absent without leave in the TV market in 2012, pretty much skipping an entire generation as it reorganised its manufacturing processes, focussing on returning its TV business to profitability after a couple of... tough years.

But alongside new high-end 9000-series LED TVs, Philips has also today launched the 6900-series Edge LED smart TVs, offering extra-sexiness alongside the traditional Philips picture quality.

It's calling the PFL6900 models 'frameless' – they're following the trend started by Samsung and LG in focussing on sexy looks. The Korean giants have proved that sexy sells even when it comes to large, square LCD screens so you can see why Philips is joining the bezel-less TV party.

The rim of these TVs is just 1.2mm wide, with the shell made entirely from brushed aluminium. They will hit the shelves in two forms initially; the 42-inch Philips 42PFL6907 and the 47-inch Philips 47PFL6907.

philips 6907

Amazingly though, there's no moth eye filter on these models which is crazy if you ask us – the anti-reflection filter which can be found on one model from last year and also this year's 9000-series is a winning feature and also supposedly cheap to implement.

There are plenty of other cool features though, including two-player 3D gaming, Smart TV interface, wireless internet and all the usual gubbins like 4x HDMI, 3 USB ports, Ambilight.

More on these lush new TVs coming very soon.

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