Mitsubishi launch Unisen TVs with 16 speakers

Ditch those ugly rear speakers for Mitsubishi's Unisen
Ditch those ugly rear speakers for Mitsubishi's Unisen

Pop quiz: how many speakers do you need to get a 5.1 surround sound experience?

Sixteen, of course. Today, Mitsubishi announced the launch of a new range of Full HD LCD TVs, called Unisen, that offer Dolby Digital 5.1 surround via 16 integrated speakers.

The Unisen tellies use soundbar-like technology and "an advanced algorithm" to delay the sound beams and project them independently from the 16 speakers at varying intervals, creating "fully immersive" surround sound

The sound system's "perfectly balanced audio waves" mean that virtual surround sound effects should seem to be coming from behind the viewers.

Room with a view

Upon initial set-up, users can enter specific room dimensions using an on-screen graphical interface, or use a calibration microphone to calculate and set the sound beams for optimal sound for funny-shaped living rooms.

You an also adjust the direction, location, and sound levels for each of the five surround channels. The output level for the sub woofer is also directly controllable from the remote control.

The 120Hz TVs all feature HDMI, an 'ultra-thin' frame (less than one inch), wide colour gamut backlight and are EnergyStar 3.0.

The Unisen flat panels range in size and prize from a $1800 (£1225) 40-incher to a $3300 (£2250) 52-inch behemoth, and will be available in the US from May. No word yet on a wider worldwide release.