JVC television system does quadruple HD TV

Another day at CEATEC, another amazing piece of technology; this time in the realm of higher-than-high-definition video. JVC's stand [PDF link] at the Japanese electronics show is dominated by a boxy-looking camera that can shoot video at four times the resolution of standard HD TV.

The 4K camera, as it's called, shoots 30 frames-per-second video at a staggering 3840 x 2048 pixels to give a total resolution that is equivalent to four current-generation high-definition screens.

Weighty technology

At 10kg, the camera isn't light, but it's an improvement on previous JVC models, which weighed up to three times as much. As with earlier iterations, the 4K camera captures images using a trio of CMOS sensors.

If you're wondering how the company manages to demonstrate such high-quality video, then you probably won't be surprised to learn that the camera is accompanied by a 4K projector.

Only in Japan

With a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2400 pixels, the projector can cover slightly more territory than its camera partner, which is to allow for a little extra around the sides of the image. In demonstrations, video produced by the pairing were little short of stunning - we just wish we could share them with you.

Lastly, if you thought four times HD resolution was enough, don't forget that national broadcaster NHK has a 16x high-definition system waiting in the wings.

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