Google confirms a new Chromecast is on the way, won't be replaced by Android TV

Chromecast is coming back for seconds

Just a week ago a new Chromecast passed through the FCC and now Google's VP of product management Mario Queiroz has confirmed it's on its way.

Queiroz was speaking at Gigaom's Structure Connect conference and while he wouldn't say much about the Chromecast 2 he did confirm its existence and that for the time being at least Chromecast will not be replaced by Android TV.

In fact, Google is apparently interested in "building an ecosystem of different endpoints," with the Chromecast at one end and other "Chromecast devices" at the other, which may be a hint that Chromecast functionality will be coming to other devices.

More of the same?

It doesn't look like the new Chromecast itself will be very different from the original one though based on what we've heard so far, so there's probably no reason to run out and upgrade. But it's still not clear exactly what has changed or when it will launch.

Queiroz also shared some Chromecast stats. While he wouldn't reveal sales numbers he did say that the cast button has been pressed 650 million times since launch and that it's set to become even more popular and more useful, as over 6000 developers are building more than 10,000 apps for it.

James Rogerson

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