Free Presto access for Telstra's T-Box customers

It's magic you know...

With the imminent launch of Netflix and increasing competition among streaming services, Foxtel's Presto is in danger of being overshadowed. To combat this, the SVOD offering is now available to Telstra's T-Box customers, with a free six-month subscription available to get the ball rolling.

Once the six months is up charges will commence, so make sure you cancel your subscription before then if Presto isn't conjuring your preferred brand of streaming magic. Details on getting the streams, er, streaming are available by flicking over to channel 911.

Customers wanting to see how Presto shapes up without taking a hit to their bank balance will need to sign up before 11:59pm AEST on 30 June 2015.

Unmetered and... underwhelmed?

Accessing Presto via Telstra's T-Box is unmetered, so your monthly data won't suffer, although Presto is only available in standard definition, so this isn't the positive it might have been.

Presto has previously been made available on portable devices, so the release breaks the service's reliance on Chromecast to get content up on the big screen.

As detailed in our Presto review, the service still has a way to go before it's as good as it good be. Perhaps six months of free access will keep customers on board while the necessary improvements are made.