Avatar 3D Blu-ray costs £225 on eBay UK

There is clearly considerable demand for the 3D Blu-ray version of James Cameron’s Avatar with copies changing hands on eBay UK for £225 and upwards this week.

The reason 3D early adopters are willing to pay so much is because Panasonic currently has the exclusive rights to sell the Avatar 3-D Blu-ray with its new 3D TVs.

There is already a handful of decent 3D Blu-ray releases available to the new 3D TV owner this Christmas season, but it is clear from the eBay prices that Avatar is the movie that many want to really show off their new purchase to the rest of the family this Yule.

Panasonic is selling its new Viera 3D TV along with the copy of Avatar 3D and two pairs of 3D glasses in a ‘3D Full HD Ultimatge Pack’ to appeal to the hardcore 3D early adopter market.

At the time of going to press, there is no word on when a stand-alone version of Avatar 3D will be made available to non-Panasonic 3D TV owners.

So if you don’t happen to have bought (or be looking at buying) a Panasonic 3-D TV in the coming months, yet are still desperate to own Cameron’s 3D blockbuster, you may well have to dig deep to nab one of the few copies available on online auction sites.

Disney recently announced that it is set to release the 3D Blu-ray version of Alice in Wonderland next week, just in time for some surreal 3D fun this Christmas.

Adam Hartley