Android TV gets a big app update

Android TV update
More than 600 apps in the updated catalogue

One of the biggest struggles we've had with Google's Android TV so far has been the limited selection of available apps. Thankfully with a new update Android TV has expanded the breadth of applications accessible to its devices.

With over 600 apps now discoverable there is a whole lot more choice available to you from the comfort of your sofa.

Instead of merely highlighting a selection of compatible TV apps, as its original Play store offered, the new update allows you to browse through the entire Android TV catalogue at will.

As well as the increased selection on offer via Google's TV operating system though it's also delivering improved discoverability too. The update is now providing 20 curated collections of apps to make it easier to find new software or capabilities.

Google is fast adding more functionality to its TV OS, like with the announcement of Android TV Channels at Google I/O last week. By allowing streaming apps to display a live stream in the same place as users are searching through live broadcast channels it is ever more blurring the lines between new and traditional media outlets.

And this all makes us wonder just what, if anything, Apple has planned for its Apple TV when WWDC rolls around next week.

Currently the Apple TV only has a strictly-controlled 70 applications available to its users compared with Android TV's burgeoning selections.

Those are though both still behind the 2,000 apps on the Roku platform and the 1,700 on Amazon's Fire TV.

via Variety