Amazon, not Netflix, is first to serve up HDR content

Samsung SUHD TV

HDR is considered the wave of the future for television (sorry, 4K), and Amazon just took the biggest step yet towards bringing high dynamic range content to viewers.

Mozart in the Jungle (Season 1) and the Red Oaks pilot are stepping out in HDR starting today on Samsung SUHD TVs, Amazon announced. It plans to make more Prime series available in HDR soon as well as add more compatible devices throughout the year.

The HDR shows are available to US Prime members at no extra cost. In addition to a Samsung SUHD TV, users will also need the Amazon Video app to stream in HDR.

Full HDR ahead

While Netflix has promised to deliver HDR content this year, Amazon beat it to the punch by bringing the first HDR TV or movie to the masses.

Samsung plans to offer up UHD movies at some point, though specifics are sorely lacking as to when that will be, how much it will cost or what movies will be available. LG also announced today it will add Amazon HDR streaming to its 2015 OLED 4K Utra HD TVs "in the coming weeks."

Whereas 4K focuses on pixels, HDR provides better contrast, enhances highlights and deepens shadows for richer colors. But like 4K, content is a sticking point, though that's starting to turn around somewhat given today's announcement.


Michelle Fitzsimmons

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