52-inch glasses-free 3D TV hits Japan

Not sure the 3D will be quite this impressive on the Dimenco 52-inch screen

Dimenco has released a 52-inch 3D TV which doesn't require the use of 3D specs.

The autostereoscopic behemoth gives off full 1080p in all its three dimensional glory to be viewed and enjoyed by the naked eye.

The company, made up of senior ex-Philips engineers, aims to have glasses-free 3D TVs on the consumer market within four years; while the catchily-named BDL5231-3D2R may be glasses-free, its price tag sure is not with the 52-incher hitting the Japanese shelves priced at around £13,000.

Glasses free as a bird

Also on show here are a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, 8ms response time, 700 nits of brightness and a refresh rate of 60Hz.

It's not the first specs-less 3D TV we've heard of, however; Toshiba has already launched its glasses-free 3D TV in Japan with a European launch set for later this year.

Samsung also has a glasses-free 3D TV on the cards, although it has warned that it'll be at least a decade before the company has an autostereoscopic set that it is happy to release into the market.

But it sounds to us as though Samsung may want to get a wriggle on if Dimenco and Toshiba are already closing in on a retail launch.

Via Engadget