Tado V3+ Smart Thermostat launched to help you breathe healthier air

Tado has just announced a new generation of smart thermostats dubbed the V3+, and they come with a new app and tools to help you improve the quality of your air.

That latter feature is called Air Comfort and it works by providing insights into your home’s air climate along with suggestions on how to improve it. 

Examples include when and for how long to open windows and when to air rooms, based on things like air freshness and quality, weather forecasts and pollution.

You’ll be able to access the Air Comfort skill through a new app, designed for the Tado V3+ Smart Thermostat. This also includes the main features offered by the previous Tado Smart Thermostat, such as geofencing, smart schedules, open window detection and weather adaptation, but is now more customizable.

Customize or automate

You can activate only the skills you’re interested in, while the layout is designed to be simple and intuitive. If you want to be more hands-off then you can subscribe to the Auto-Assist skill for £2.99 (roughly $3.90/AU$5.40) per month or £24.99 (around $32/AU$45) per year.

The Tado V3+ itself is available now for £199.99 (approximately $260/AU$360) in the UK, or you can get the Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ for £119.99 (around $155/AU$215), but neither is currently available in the US or Australia.

James Rogerson

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