Star Trek: Discovery season 3 trailer shows a galaxy gone wrong

Star Trek: Discovery season 3
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The third season of Star Trek: Discovery is upon us. While we knew the October 15 release date already, though, we have now been treated to a two-minute trailer that gives us our best look yet at what's befallen the beloved, dysfunctional crew.

For those who don't remember, season two ended with the Discovery being transported centuries into the future, to the year 3188. While it's a big leap for the series, it also allows for a clean break of sorts, after two seasons that often veered into overcomplicated plotting.

It doesn't look like the action is letting up, though, with the galaxy having taken "a hard left" in the interim centuries, as voiced by new cast member David Ajala (Supergirl, Nightflyers) – who appears to be a large presence in season 3.

Most of the key cast from the last season are still here, including lead Sonequa Martin-Green, who informs us in the trailer that "We traveled into the future. 930 years. A one way trip. No going back."

The Federation appears to be in bad way, in that it "mostly collapsed" after something called "the burn" – described as "the day the galaxy took a hard left." We'll no doubt find out more when the first trailer drops this October, though it's obvious the crew of the Discovery hasn't been able to run from their problems.

As Michael Burnham says at the close of the trailer, "the problems often seem insurmountable, but haven't we always risen to meet them?"

Ok, so let me watch the trailer!

The trailer can be watched above, after a short intro. Just go to the 0:37 mark to start watching it. You can also enjoy a subsequent panel with the cast to celebrate Star Trek Day, if you so wish. 

If you'd rather just watch the trailer without scrolling to a specific time stamp, you can do so on the official Star Trek website here.

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