Spotify's latest feature is like a Wrapped round-up every day of the year

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Spotify is rolling out two new features: one is called Only You that will provide some  insightful information about your listening habits and the other is called Blend that allows you to mashup your music preferences with that of a friend to create a new playlist. 

Available starting on Android and iOS devices, Only You is sort of similar to the service’s annual Unwrapped round-up that happens towards the end of the year, showing you which music you’ve been listening to most frequently and which artists are just arriving on your radar via Instagram-style information cards.

Part of the fun new features are the Audio Birth Chart and Your Artist Pairs that show various artists you've vibed with recently, as well as Your Dream Dinner Party that asks who you'd invite to a soiree and creates a custom playlist for the event.

In the app, you’ll also be able to navigate to a new section called Only You that will show you personalized playlists based on genres or decades of music that lump together some of your favorite artists and songs. 

The other new feature, Blend, is still in beta but it allows you to invite friends to sync up to create playlists based on your music preferences. It’s available to both Spotify Premium and Spotify Basic members and can be found in the ‘Made For You’ hub.

Keeping you tuned in 

It’s no Spotify HiFi, but Only You and Blend are really just new ways for Spotify to keep you engaged with the service for longer periods of time – potentially even pulling your friends along with you for the ride.

While Spotify hasn't outright said anything, it feels like the company is trying to harness the social engagement of its Wrapped end-of-the-year extravaganza into an everyday event. 

Admittedly, there’s nothing wrong with that and Blend is honestly a neat feature that will allow you to automatically combine your listening habits with those of your friends and family… though, you obviously have the better taste in music, clearly. 

Both features are available to try now on iOS and Android. 

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